Tecoblock 500D

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Tecoblock ®  500D is a concrete masonry unit which are made from a low carbon concrete solution incorporating waste as an aggregate. No quarried aggregates are used like sand or stone. Casafico’s quarry is above ground as our waste reserves are endless. Casafico have undergone years of research and development, testing and live projects with various products incorporating many different waste streams. Various Tecoblock formulations carry their own title meaning to stipulate which waste streams are used and associated test data acquired or in development.

Formulation Variations:

Tecoblock ® POLYSTAT – EPS/polystyrene & paper

Tecoblock ® PPE – PPE/gloves,masks,gowns & cardboard

Tecoblock ® SDGLASS – Solid Glass/bottles

Tecoblock ® EXGLASS – Expanded Glass